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Description what?

A simple library to write simple PDF documents in Android.

For more information check the README file.

Milestones when?

QUOTES 2011 Jul 20 via email (published with consent from sender)
"It saved us a lot of time and works."
- Reza Assareh (Screen Interaction)

QUOTES 2011 Jul 15 via email (published with consent from sender)
"APW library was just large enough to do the job, without any unnecessary overhead."
- Howard Shaw (GBC Systems)

QUOTES 2011 Jun 19 via email (published with consent from sender)
"I used APW in my Android project and I appreciated very much the simplicity and the clean design."
- Alessandro Valbonesi (Algos Software)

QUOTES 2010 Nov 15 via email (published with consent from sender)
"Very lightweight and easy to use."
Jon (Gigaram Technologies)

QUOTES 2010 Aug 28 StackOverflow.com question
"This library is very useful for simple PDF creation."

TOP 2010 May 19 First PDF writer library for Android
why? By the time I needed a PDF writer library for Android there was nothing available.

Technology how?

TYPELibrary / PDF 1.4 Reference partial implementation
PLATFORMAndroid SDK / Dalvik

Location where?